Please read this before contacting me! 



- I'm always working on several projects at the time. Please keep in mind that working on a
piece take time, if a rush job is needed, I will have to charge you more.

- I really appreciate having all the infos I need to ensure a good workflow (ideas, lyrics, texts, logo etc...)

- If you come to me, I assume it's because you enjoy my style and previous work.
I won't copy another fellow artist style. I like abstract and surreal, so please don't ask me to work on a ultra realistic piece :)

- You must give me directions, ideas, concepts etc... I find that being given total "carte blanche" usually isn't working.

- I don't work on weekends or non-working days (anymore). One these days, you can still
reach my by email or facebook though.


- The most complex and time consuming a job is, the more I will have to charge.

- A twelve pages booklet is more time consuming that a four pages one.

- Price can of course be discussed, but please don't bargain,
I find it quite insulting and I won't even reply. I think I'm quite affordable and I need to eat.

- I don't work for free or because "it's gonna give me great exposure".


- 50% of the full amount we agreed with should be paid before i start working on your
project.There will be no refund of any kind once an agreement is made.
The final payment will be made upon completion and must be paid right after the work is
done. If the remaining 50% for the finished artwork isn't paid within two weeks, I reserve
the right to sale the artwork to another client.

- Preferred form of payment is Paypal. Bank transfer can be worked out too,
but bank fees would be for you to pay.

- Once the final payment is made, I will then send you the high resolution files.
Not before, no exceptions.

- I mostly use Dropbox or Sendspace to send files over.
Please save those files somewhere safe, I can't leave them undefinitely on my Dropbox server,
or spend my time re-uploading them.

- It's absolutely OK to get in touch asking how the work is going on, but please don't send
me 10 emails a day. The time I take to answer to a email/message, is time not spent on the job.

- Please be patient. I get a lot of emails and messages everyday, I can't go through them at one time.



- When several people/bands are interested in the same design, obviously the design will go
to the first one that contacted me and that is sending the payment first. For each design
posted, I have at least 10 people to reply to.

- For obvious reasson , I can't have an artwork "on hold" until the payment is done.
For example, if you're absolutely sure that you want to buy a shirt design from my "for sale"
gallery, payment must be made immediately.


- I will add your logo free of charge.
- All artwork files will be delivered by dropbox or sendspace. (Photoshop and Illustrator formats)

- No modifications can be made on "FOR SALE" artworks, except for color changes.

- Cover artworks are generaly 25cm x 25cm (sometimes higher) in 300dpi.
Shirt designs artworks are generaly > 30cm x 40cm.

- Prices are set. Please don't bargain, I find it quite insulting and I won't even reply.
I think I'm quite affordable and I need to eat.


- Please get the design you purchased printed in a GOOD printing company. I can probably
refer you to one if you don't know where to go. Don't hesitate to ask.


- I mostly use Dropbox or Drive to send files over. Please save those files somewhere
safe, as I can't leave them undefinitely on my Dropbox server.
Files can be accessed for 14 days.
- If you need me to resend the files after 14 days or years after, I'll have to charge you 10€ since
I have to pay for external hard drives and clouds.


I retain the rights for self promotion and display purpose of the finished artwork. 
Clients retain copyright and ownership of the finished artwork.

All rights reserved - Copyright - 2023 Headsplit Design  |  Intellectual property theft is a crime - stolen artworks or uses without consent will lead to legal action.